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Classical Guitar
Neapolitan Mandolin 

Decorations, inlays, carvings and so on: Eur 500.00 (+ V.A.T.) per block (ex.: back-neck, pegbox, fingerboard, ......)
All price are ex works: case, packing, freight and so on are NOT included

Down payment, for whatever instrument you wish to order, is Eur 500.00 not refoundable

Shipping and transport are under Customer responsibility, I can't assume any responsibility for demages or losses while the instrument is not in my hands

If you're not satisfied, time frame for you to claim for Recess Right is one week. During that week you'll keep the instrument as is: no modifications, no demages, with the strings I provided. You understand and agree that modifying the instrument, demaging it or changing the strings you renounce to Recess Right.

Please do survey the "ready and available" page on this web site or subscribe my newsletter or just let me know about your interest and I'll keep you informed.


Special conditions for schools, dealers, shops

For any further details (specification of instruments, delivery time, prices and payment terms):

get in touch with me!

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