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Born in Milan (Italy) on 1960, at his time he attended fine art high school and Music school (piano)

on 1989 he gets the Civic School of Luthery of Milan

on 1991 he starts building his own instruments
since then he gets to a lot of exspositions and meetings in Italy and abroad

on 1993 he achieve the final digree as a Luthier and Restorer of Musical Instruments

his Instruments are implied professionally for concerts, recordings and performances all around the known world

several Conservatoirs did choose his Instruments (Milano, Parma, La Spezia, Venezia, Vicenza, Ginevra, ...)



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"I was studying Piano, with wild passion but not so good achievements.
meanwhile I tried to approach whatever Instrument I could put my hand on: guitar, violin, recorders, trumpet, manolin, and so on and on.

A terrible day the disaster: from the above floor, for a whole weekend, a loosing faucet poured water right on my Piano. Demages were so severe.

I asked a repairman, unfortunately the cost to fix such a disaster was too far away from my possibility. Just the same we found an agreement: I would work in his workshop for free, 4-5 months, to pay for repairs.

The Illumination!!
All at once I realized that my wild, crazy passion actually wasn't about Music at all, but about
the Instruments that make it possible!"