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assembly kits to build plucked string Instruments for Early Music

For every kind of istrument I offer several options about wood quality (influencing the quality of the finished instrument) and "pre-work".

All the implied wood is comeing from my personal stock, so I can warrant its seasoning: natural, between 6 and 15 years.

Projects, drawings and instructions are directly comeing from my lutemaker experience: a warranty to reach positive results.

Renaissace Lute
5 course Medieval Lute
8 course Bass Lute
10 course Lute
13 course Baroque Lute (pegbox)
13 course Baroque Lute (long neck)
4 course Renaissance Guitar
5 course Baroque Guitar (flat back)
converting an eBay "lute" to a Renaissance Lute


every kit is made after your specific requests, for this reason the delivery will take between 5 and 15 days after order confirmation

your order is confirmed after full payment has been provided, including packing, shipping and V.A.T. (if due)

shipping of goods is done as a courtesy: to your charge and at your risk.
I strongly suggest for you to pay an insurance (habitually between 0,5 and 1% of value): if the case, the Insurance will pay you back accordingly with his own rules and his own times.
I can insure the shipping myself, covering all risks for a 2% of total value. If the case I'll change the demaged or lost material in the least time.

If you're not satisfied, time frame to claim for Recess Right is one week. If the case, good has to get back to me sane, complete and in the original package.
You understand and agree that modifying the instrument, demaging it, changing or subracting even patially the good you renounce to Recess Right.

For any further details

get in touch with me!

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