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options: you can tell me everything about string-lenght (the originals are beetwen cm. 66.5 and 69.5) and spacing with no price difference, for the aesthetical options do see below

The prices are not including:

  • V.A.T. (20%)(that you have not to pay, unless you are an Europ Community Citizen),
  • case euro.jpg (861 byte) 320.00
  • packing euro.jpg (861 byte) 35.00
  • shipping and insurance

the prices:

  • for a baroque guitar with outline after Voboam’s model, aesthetic like "E" for back and sides (ribbs in plain wood with white bindings) and for the front ("flat" purchment rose):
    euro.jpg (861 byte) 3,500.00

  • for the tipical Voboam’s edges around the soundboard, hole and fingerboard (like "B" "C")in holly and ebony
    euro.jpg (861 byte) 630.00 more

  • for the tipical Voboam’s edges around the back (like "A")
    euro.jpg (861 byte) 500.00 more

  • for back and sides like "A" in Rosewood (bindings in Holly and Ebony)
    euro.jpg (861 byte) 880.00 more

  • for back and sides like "A" in Ebony (bindings in Holly and Ebony)
    euro.jpg (861 byte) 1,260.00 more
  • for the back of the neck like "A" or "B" (bindings in Holly and Ebony)
    euro.jpg (861 byte) 630.00 more

All the prices are meant with nylon and wired nylon strings as well as with Aquila™ nylgut and wired nylgut, for other kind of strings (gut, for instance) you’ll pay the difference.




Voboan05.jpg (20071 byte)
"D" after Jean Voboam – Paris 1687

front.jpg (9713 byte)side.jpg (7356 byte)back.jpg (10642 byte)
"E" a guitar of mine (after italian models)

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