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rise founds for your new instrument


Christmas, Epiphany, S. Valentin, birthday, anniversaries, ecc. ecc.
there are so many occasions to receive or exchange gifts.

Here you are my way to avoid usless presents and to change them into founds for your new instrument:

after we agreed on all the details for your new instrument, confirmed the order with a down payment,

you'll have a page in this web site with:

  • detailed description of your new instrument,
  • some image, if available
  • the space for you to tell your family and friends your wish for them to spend usfully the money they already planned to spend for your gifts: a payment for your new instrument
  • a graphic to show the percentage rised
  • a direct link to PayPal for payment with Credit Card
  • a direct link to get in touch with me for a different way of payment

who will send a payment in favour of your new instrument wil receive a certificate, with a red ribbon too, to put down the tree instead of the usual packs

this service is provided for free
with my best wishes for a "good harvest"

for further informations or to have now your found rising web page

get in touch with me!

register with PayPal and start accepting Credit Card payment immediately.