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last update: 08/17/2002

fix a loose bar

here you are what you need:

an iron, to soften the glue that hold the joint
...........but at the end too.....

a spatula, the kind you can find at a "beau art" shop
steel pins, two for each bar you have to fix
a small hammer to push the pins
hot glue, you need very little of it
a small glass jar
a small pot, with something into it to have the jar not to touch the metal
a brush

tape, the kind they use for to mask varnishing.

be aware!! you need that this tape allow a little tension, there are some tape that don't allow any. I suggest for you to buy two or three from different brands and try 'em before the use.

this' all you need, well no: you need some "coocking papier" sheets and some water, and it's all

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